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The Hidden Hero Project

Exhibition June 20 – August 24


The Kootenay Gallery presents a new art project by Claire Dibble

The Hidden Hero Project is a community-driven art project undertaken by artist Claire Dibble as a commission from the Kootenay Gallery of Art. Castlegar and area residents nominated friends, family, neighbours and other deserving citizens for acts of kindness and generousity. The project received over 40 nomination. Twenty-six people were randomly selected to be photographed Dibble for this exhibition.

The resulting portraits will be shown in an exhibition at Kootenay Gallery which opened June 20 at 7:00 pm. Participants were introduced and received a certificate to mark the nomination. The Acting Mayor Dan Rye and Elder Debbie Bird were on hand to present the certificates. 

Come celebrate the people who live and give in our community.

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We acknowledge the financial support of the Province of British Columbia.


Watershed Moments

From Source to Sea

June 20 – August 24


2000 km. 112 days. 14 dams. 1 kayak.

Over the winter artist Claire Dibble constructed a skin-on-frame kayak designed by Cape Falcon Kayak with the aide of her father Keith Dibble. On July 1, Dibble launched her kayak at the source of the Columbia River near Canal Flats.  She paddled the length of the river through the East and West Kootenays, across the international border until she arrived at the sea near Astoria, Oregon. 

Each week of the journey, Dibble took images of her quest and sent them to two galleries located along the river: the Columbia Art Gallery in Hood River, Oregon and the Kootenay Gallery of Art in Castlegar. The Kootenay exhibition included photos of her journey as well as documentation of her kayak construction and other ephemera.

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Young Visions

Secondary students and staff of Stanley Humphries SS, Kootenay Columbia Learning Centre and Rossland Summit School

April 18 – May 25

Opened April 18 at 7:00 pm. Catered by Ms Reddick’s Class

Fata Morgana: Ghost Glacier

Hildur M H Jónasson

March 1 – April 13

Opened March 1 at 7:00 pm

Hildur Jonasson sailed on the Tall Ship Antigua in the International Territory of Svalbard, near Norway, in 2017. Jonasson observed and embodied her experience in this place, previously unknown to her but in ways similar to her native Iceland. She has adeptly captured elements of that voyage and brings us along through a variety of forms and media – fabric, glass, and ink, among others.

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Relative to Trees

Helena Wadsley

March 1 – April 13

Opened March 1 at 7:00 pm

“I became curious about the trees that line the streets of my Vancouver neighbourhood. My interest was piqued when I discovered that these sturdy, middle-aged trees were actually Norwegian maples. Despite Canada’s identity being strongly linked with the maple tree, these trees, which are a very popular planted tree across Canada, are not actually from here, though now firmly rooted. Canada is a constructed nation, built on colonialism and migration. I had been pondering ways to convey my
feeling of not having ancestral roots in this country, nor feeling connected to the birth country of my parents. Trees became the pivotal subject for me to explore the contrast between being truly of a place and perpetually feeling like a transplant.”

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