After Eden

Stephanie Kellett and Robert Livingood

March 6 – April 18

Opens March 6 at 7:00 pm. Everyone Welcome

After Eden conjures spirits from a once whole and vital landscape, to remind us of what is leaving and what is left. Beautiful painted images of ghostly and silhouetted animals wander barren, burnt, and dripping landscapes. Spirit creatures move silently and purposefully towards us. Their acknowledgement of us helps us feel the potential of them disappearing entirely from the landscape.

Initiated from an idea of creating offerings for threatened places, this multimedia exhibit seeks to acknowledge the passing of wild landscapes. Video clips depict a figure veiled in black moving over expanses of tundra and sand dunes. She is all that is left in the barren lands. The accompanying soundscape plays throughout the gallery space, and acts as an under layer to the visuals of the exhibit. It was created directly on site, in nature, with analog synthesizers, and serves as both dialog and offering to place. After Eden uses beauty to afford viewers a space where they can feel, acknowledge, and mourn the massive ecological changes we are all experiencing on some level right now.