Juried Exhibition by the Central Kootenay Invasive Plant Committee


October 10 – November 8, 2014

Nature in Flux: Biodiversity and Invasive Species Art Exhibition

Juried Art Exhibition featuring multiple artists.


Art can build awareness and inspires conversation. Science is the language of fact, whereas art is the language of perception. Science provides the answers to the questions we seek, where art can provide a venue to articulate, both emotionally and spiritually, what we perceive and ‘know’ to be true about our world.

Nature as we know it is in constant flux, and even more so in the era of the Anthropocene. Humanities’ impacts on nature and biodiversity are far reaching and pervasive. The 2014 World Wildlife Fund Living Planet Report highlights some startling new revelations about the state of our planet and in particular, biodiversity. The Living Planet Index, which measures trends in thousands of vertebrate species populations, shows a decline of 52 per cent between 1970 and 2010. In other words, vertebrate species populations across the globe are, on average, about half the size they were 40 years ago.

Unfortunately, invasive species are listed as one of the top 7 categorized threats to biodiversity, only second fiddle to habitat loss and climate change. Invasive species are non-native species, which pose a direct or indirect threat to biodiversity; they upset the ‘natural’ balance of established ecosystems and undermine biodiversity by outcompeting native species. The introduction of invasive species is primarily a function of human intervention; we as a species are changing the face of the planet in more ways than one.

Biodiversity is at the core of what makes our planet the place we call home. It provides services such as clean water, clean air, and ample food supplies but only if biodiversity remains intact. The blueprint for a healthy planet contains in it all of the species on the planet as established through evolution over successive generations. Our negative impact on the planet is vast and undeniable, however, this does not mean that we cannot make the changes necessary to turn the tides. We, as a species, are capable of doing better, of conserving biodiversity for future generations of humans and creatures of all ilk’s. We can strive for extraordinary instead of the status quo.

This exhibition was inspired by a desire to increase awareness about the science of biodiversity and invasive species, through the lens of an artist. We seek to engage the viewer through the stories that these creative minds tell and look forward to celebrating the beauty of biodiversity with you.