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Peacing: Sacred Circle of Life

August 7 – September 19

Maggie Shirley

Opening August 7 at 7 pm

Peacing is a process-based art project on the evolution of the moment between life and death. Shirley created the work after witnessing the death of her mother and simultaneously experiencing other losses in her life. In the process of sorting through and shredding both her and her mother’s papers, she became inspired to use the material to create art work. As she worked, she reflected on life, death and transformation. Shirley also found messages contained on the shreds of paper that held relevance for her in creating a new life from the shreds of the old. The installation consists of objects created during that process, highlighting some of the meaningful messages found within the shreds. Visitors to the exhibition will also be invited to participate in the process by leaving inspirational messages and words of wisdom  for other visitors to read and receive.

Excerpt from the Artist Statement:

“The process of making these objects reflects the transition between life and death, a transition my family witnessed the day my mother died. At what point did the paper stop being functional and became an art object? How do we see a bag of shredded paper – as a destructive end or a potential beginning? If the act of creation affirms life, is it a denial of our inevitable death? After death, do we ‘become’ and if so, what do we become? Do we have choice or determination in this?”