…we double dog dare you!

Join our creative challenge. We are daring you to do something creative. Try something new or do something you’ve done many before. You can do one activity, you can do 150 or anything in between.

Between June 16 and July 29, let us know about your creative activities. Take photos and email them in to us, post on social media or drop by the Gallery to let us know. Let us know if we can share them with the community. We want to celebrate your creativity and inspire others to get involved.

Not sure what to try? Here are some suggestions:

sketch your backyard * write a poem * bake and decorate a cake * build a birdhouse * knit a dog sweater * build a rube goldberg machine * make a pinhole camera * learn how to make an app * make up a birthday song for Canada * ask Granny to teach you how to tat * make a photoshop collage * reuse a pallet * create a trick hockey shot * use a styrofoam plate to make a print* sew yourself a new top * create a flower basket for your neighbour * buy yourself paint supplies and use them * make up your own crossword puzzle * or suduko * write a mystery novel * invent a new soup recipe * learn a tradition that your great grandparents would have known * create a maize Maze * plant native plants in your front yard * create an art studio in your basement  * paint a wall with black board paint * build an easel for your kids * bead some jewelry * use your left over fabric scraps to make cards * create a dance with your kids * make puppets and put on a show * use leave, stones etc to make a mandala in the forest * make a vision board * create a spreadsheet for your book collection * start a blog * make a six second video * revamp a pair of jeans * learn to tye a fly * plant flowers in an empty space* create a map of your favourite places in the regions * learn the ukelele

Have some ideas that we haven’t listed here? Send them to us and we’ll add them to the list.

We Dare You

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