New Ceramics by Kalika Bowlby
Ceramics by Pixie from Sphrixieland Studios
New designs from Diane Walters

We have new ceramics in the Gallery. Kalika Bowlby, who lives in Golden, sent some of her simple and beautiful designs. Gift Shop favourite, Victoria Henriksen (bottom photo left) from Sphrixieland Studios in Boswell dropped off a few extra mugs and bowls when she brought her soup bowls for our fundraiser. Diane Walters of eARTh Studios has developed a new line of ceramic ware.

Knitted toys by Kathleen Terry

Spring has sprung inside the Gift Shop with a new collection of bunnies and more created by Kathleen Terry, including everybody’s favourite green galactic baby. See him you must.

What’s New in the Gift Shop – March 2020

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