We are continuing our conversation series called ‘The Gallery Lounge’ which features stories and interviews with our Board Directors, staff and volunteers. We are so lucky to have a group of visionary and committed people helping us govern and lead the work of the Gallery. This month we are showcasing Board Member Judy Madelung so you can get to know her better and understand the work she is involved with at the Gallery.

KG: Tell me about your background 
JM: I’m Kootenay born and raised and only out of the region for a couple short stints.  I grew up in Nelson and raised my family in the beautiful Playmor Junction area and currently reside in Castlegar.  I worked in the forest industry for many years and 8 years ago I joined the Regional District of Central Kootenay in Nelson and currently work in Corporate Administration as the Grant Coordinator and enjoy being part of what local government offers to the communities of the region.

KG: How and why did you get involved with the Board?  
JM: Volunteering started out for me with helping out with the Girl Guides of Canada organization when my girls were young and after 15 years of being involved as a volunteer and leader I moved on to other things and got hooked on to golfing.  I spent a good bit of time golfing and was passionate about the sport and the club and ultimately, I joined the board at the Castlegar Golf Club for three years as part of the finance group and the course beautification team.  Which, leads to why I joined the Gallery’s Board – I realized it was high-time to get involved again with the community and while I don’t call myself an artist, I’ve always been interested in art and dabbled in many art medias over the years and thought volunteering with ArtWalk and at the Gallery would be a good place to start – which led me to Gallery Board .

KG: What do you enjoy about being involved on the Board and with the Gallery?
JM: The members are committed and enthusiastic in their support of the Gallery and the art community.  The Board has a positive vibe and are keen and you can sense from everyone the importance of promoting and ensuring there is a sustainable direction taken to ensure the survival of the Gallery going forward.  The Gallery has great staff and the combination of Board and Staff personalities makes being part of the Board an enjoyable connection.

KG: You’ve been involved in help planning an up-coming event, Dinner for the
Cultured Soul
. Tell us more about that.

JM: Exciting – yes, the Gallery fundraiser “Dinner for the Cultured Soul” will be a  great evening at the Castlegar Golf Club “Nineteenth” that includes a fabulous formal dinning experience and an evening of entertainment including games of chance.  I’m very excited to be part of the ‘ambiance team’ (ie decorating) for this evening event.

KG: Yes, you’ve got great plans to transform the club house.  Is there anything else you want to add?
JM: I’m really happy to be part of the Kootenay Gallery and Castlegar Art Walk – being involved is reignighting my hidden artist’s cultured soul, thanks.

We are very happy to have you as part of our team. Thanks for the interview.

Gallery Lounge with Judy Madelung

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